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Fresh new #8bit #pixel heart stickers for 8BitFit!

Fresh new #8bit #pixel heart stickers for 8BitFit!

8 Stages of Marathon Running

The Benefits of a “Get Better” Mindset

We fully agree  with researcher Heidi Grant Halvorson’s suggestion that a “Be Good” mindset is less effective than a “Get Better” mindset — where we always perceive ourselves as having more to learn.

When we embrace a Get Better mindset, we welcome risk and are less afraid of failure, both key to personal

Of course, this applies to the practice of health and fitness as well as the rest of our personal and professional lives. See a great video of her 99u presentation here.

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Thank you to 99u for posting this.

50 Reasons to Run

Over on Reddit, there’s a growing list of user-submitted answers to the question “Why do you run?” Out of 178 responses (so far), here are 50 grabbed at random. We throughly approve them all.

    1. why not
    2. make up for my eating habits
    3. to decompress
    4. for cardio on my non-lifting days.
    5. for donuts
    6. “dat dopamine”
    7. it’s my church
    8. because I enjoy it
    9. to stay focused in life
    10. clears my head
    11. to not die of a heart attack
    12. to relieve anxiety
    13. the post run coffee
    14. to get sober
    15. to stay sober
    16. for gratitude
    17. to complete a marathon
    18. to win a marathon
    19. because races are fun
    20. because training is fun
    21. for the “f*&# yeah I did it” feeling
    22. it’s my cheap therapy
    23. to lose weight
    24. to get stronger
    25. to be alone
    26. for the community
    27. to get faster, because I enjoy if
    28. to be good at something where it’s easy to track progress
    29. to keep me thin
    30. to zone out
    31. to tune in
    32. for the endurance
    33. best way to listen music
    34. to set a good example to my children
    35. for the solace
    36. for the sense of achievement
    37. keeps me at a decent level of fitness
    38. to set better P.Rs.
    39. to let the stress sweat away
    40. better endurance for snowboarding
    41. to get away from the cops
    42. for the visible improvement
    43. allows me to buy running stuff
    44. so I could join the marine corps
    45. to impress my girlfriend
    46. it’s part of my identity
    47. post run shower
    48. post run beer
    49. post run beer in the shower
    50. Because I want to. Because I can.

APIs | Story of Digital Health

Digital Health APIs are a powerful mechanism for integrating data across digital health solutions of all types. Given the vast number of companies compiling health data, it makes sense to provide a collated, crowdsourced list of all the companies who are making an effort to share data in order to benefit consumers and end users.

Learn more: http://storyofdigitalhealth.com/api/

From December to June, average daily usage of fitness apps grew 62 percent, while the industry as a whole saw usage grow 33 percent.

That growth in usage isn’t coming from a few breakout apps. Flurry studied 6,800 iPhone and iPad apps on 100,000 users’ devices. Of those apps, the top thousand accounted for approximately 80 percent of activity.

Google is seeing similar growth in Android. Over the past 12 months, its Google Play store, where users download Android apps, has seen the money spent on fitness apps grow by 80 percent, according to Google engineer Shai Barack.